Where Does 2032 Come From? | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION #1: Thank you for choosing to live the strength of your convictions – especially through the terrible dark days of your solitary confinement. Thank you for all that you are doing for those of us who choose to watch, think and learn. For over a decade I have been reading that China will replace the US as the world power in 2032 – not the early 30s or the decade of the 30’s, but that exact year. How is it that sources such as the Economist have been predicting this year as the year of change for such a long period of time? It looks like your computer is saying the same thing, when you state that “Western society will crumble by 2032.” What information is causing so many disparate reputable sources to cite this specific year? K QUESTION #2: It seems very odd that many others are starting to claim 2032 is the turning point. A friend of mine works at a magazine in London who has used that 2032. I asked him if they relied on your work. He smiled and just said they can’t mention you for political reasons. What is that about? Do you know? DP ANSWER: The computer projects 2032. It is not my opinion or premonition. How they justify 2032 from an “opinion” perspective is beyond me. I do not believe anyone can give such a date with conviction from any current economic theory. It is strange that they will not cite our work. I think they fear repercussions from the governments that stick their foot into everything. Yet, governments are monitoring this perhaps out of their own self-interest. Shutting me up will not stop the clock from ticking. I have no idea how it is possible to arrive at such a date off the top of your head. Even if you look at economics, the crisis begins 2020/2021. It is by no means the beginning of the process, but rather the end.
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Nobody can predict when with any accuracy. JohnBarleycorn

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