A Step Back From the Abyss

Trump did not retaliate for the latest Iranian missile strikes toward American bases. It was known in advance of the strike, what was coming so there would be no dead troops. The bad news is that it looks like a Ukrainian passenger jet crash in close proximity of the missile launches.
Trump is asking for more sanctions instead of a military confrontation. He is asking NATO allies for cooperation. If they balk, Trump should take action at them by removing out defensive forces from their countries or making them pay for the protection.
Europe has squandered it’s peace dividend since WW2 and is heavily mired in debt. Time to bring our troops home and protect our own borders. Get out of countries who do not want us or wont compensate the American taxpayers for their free protection. The time of empire has passed. No more free rides for so called allies.

War With Iran

Old grudges die hard. It takes both sides to perpetuate them and keep them alive. Look what we lost in Vietnam, and now we are trade partners with no animosity. So this argument that we are somehow the lone bad guy here is silly. America can forgive and forget. That Mideastern macho man style of foreign policy has kept that part of the world in a constant turmoil. Trump offered to have talks with the Iranians and work out a better deal, they refused……and here we are.