To All My Cyber Friends and Followers

As promised, I am leaving Word Press because they have censored some of my long time cyber friends.

Dictatorships and tyrants have silenced free speech since the beginning of time to control the masses.

Free Speech means exactly that.

Good bye and thank you all.

Bert Powers aka John Barleycorn

Astronomers Once Watched a Star Turn Directly Into a Black Hole

Most dying stars go out with a bang — a supernova, more specifically. But scientists recently observed a star that went out with a whisper, skipping the supernova phase and going straight into a black hole. The discovery not only teaches us more about stars, but it could also uncover the mysteries behind some of the universe’s most massive black holes.

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We Had Amelia Earhart’s Bones All Along, According to New Forensic Analysis

It’s one of the most iconic mysteries of the 20th century: What on Earth happened to Amelia Earhart? There are enough conspiracy theories and wild opinions on the matter to keep you busy for a lifetime, but researchers think they finally cracked the case in March 2018. Are they right this time?

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