This deal with states changing the electoral college system troubles me. Is it against the Constitution to change that?

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Deposition Reveals Late Sen. McCain as Spy and Traitor


Late Sen. McCain’s Role in Spygate Scandal Revealed


Folks, do you need anymore reason to never, ever give your campaign donations to the Republican Party? These are the scumbag anti-American globalists who have been supporting John McCain -types for decades. Do not give to the RNC.

Give to MAGA candidates directly or to Make sure your network knows that the RNC supports traitors of America.

They don’t deserve our money or our votes anymore!


Meghan McCain fires back after President Trump bashes John McCain on Twitter


NO SURPRISE over McCain’s Role in Trump Dossier Smear–Top Staffer was Involved in IRS Scandal!


The video below demonstrates the tactics of David Brock and Media Matters. Disgusting. Why hasn’t the IRS busted Brock’s operations for tax fraud? Why does the IRS continue to protect David Brock…

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Spite Houses Are Buildings Designed to Annoy the Neighbors

Neighbors. Can’t live with ’em, can’t build a giant statue of a middle finger to spite ’em. Scratch that — it’s been done, along with the construction of even larger and more outlandish memorials to the grudges people hold against each other. “Spite houses” can be found all over the world, each a testament to the determination and pettiness of the human spirit. These are the spite houses that might be in your neck of the woods.

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Is It Better to Vent Your Anger or Keep It Inside?

Venting — whether it’s to a co-worker about your boss’s obnoxious request, to a friend about your boyfriend’s infuriating blunder, or to your brother about your mom’s invasive phone call — can seem like a good idea in the moment. Let it all out, and you’ll let it all go, right? Not so much. Studies show that venting doesn’t release anger; it just exacerbates it.

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Anger management

It’s the Birthrates – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine

Now, with Brenton Tarrant’s alleged death toll at one body higher than Mateen’s, and with Tarrant explicitly proclaiming that he did it to curb Muslim population growth and to frighten them all the way back to their ancestral homelands, you can bet your every last worthless Federal Reserve Note that for the next year at least, we will continue to be forcibly spoon-fed the notion that white-male terrorism is the big threat and that any time white males even notice that the reigning cultural climate is hostile toward white males, blood will inevitably be spilled, because white males are violent monsters and there’s absolutely nothing racist about that statement.
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First, I blame the shooter. Secondly I blame the globalists and open border policies, thirdly I blame cowardly politicians and media corporations who promote identity politics and guilt transference. When you shut down free speech and open debate, violence happens on both sides. This is where we are, and it is a sad state of affairs.

Lastly I look at who benefits from things like this and the only apparent winner is the gun control crowd in New Zealand 🇳🇿. They even noted that there will be no debate about the new restrictions. Did they allow this to happen to get their agenda passed, or were they just incompetent to not notice this crackpot amassing weaponry and spewing hatred? You decide.

Our Newly Elected Democratic Socialists

It is time to prove you are the real thing. Instead of pushing the new green deal, push the new real deal. The real deal would be removing the exemptions for themselves and federal employees of laws and mandates Congress passes.

We could start with Obamacare, retirement, double dipping, pensions, student debt, liable and slander exemptions, term limits, sex crimes in the open, and no more automatic pay raises.

What is fair for one is fair for all. If you don’t believe that and practice it, you are not a true Socialist, just another self serving politician. I rest my case.