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Great reporting and like the new title. You might confuse the controllers at Google, Twitter, Facebook,Apple,Microsoft,etc.

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MAGA party

Trump Pride*


Now those are some big cats POTUS tweeted (see below).

*The definition of a pride is a group of lions. An example of pride is the family of lions in The Lion King.  The term “big cat” refers to any of the five living members of the genus Panthera, namely tigerlionjaguarleopard, and snow leopard. Capisci?


life on earth tweet.


The Wall is Being Finished

Video tweet package: The Wall is Being Finished


Adam Schiff’s Road to Tavistock and Russia


So are Supreme Court decisions now being decided by law clerks? #WheresRuth

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 13, 2019


And by the way, DQ, why isn’t your Senate Judiciary Committee reporting to WE THE PEOPLE about Ruth Ginsberg’s death?…

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Speech and Silence ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Through language, humans bring out the full potentiality hidden in matter, advance the building of bird nests and beaver dams to architecture and engineering, the gathering of nuts to farming, squawks and barks to music, and limited animal perception to the intellectual jewels of modern Western culture… (essay by George Stanciu)
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Long but very insightful.

Mueller Panics After McCabe Admits to Deep State Coup to Remove Trump — Recycles Debunked Roger Stone Smear

Mueller Panics After McCabe Admits to Deep State Coup to Remove Trump — Recycles Debunked Roger Stone Smear
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Mc Cabe hears the footsteps of a criminal referral coming his way. Now he is truth telling.

Adam Schiff’s Road to Tavistock and Russia

Apples Tim Cook is another globalist operative. That explains much about the change in culture at Apple.

American Intelligence Media

schiff and tavistockApple Europe 2schiff and cue.

AE 1AE 2AE 3AE 4AE 5Feb. 16, 2019—Many experts in mind control and propaganda have suspected for some time that Rep. Schiff is a product/victim of Tavistock and the C.I.A.’s MKUltra psychological conditioning program for stay-behind Five Eyes (US, UK, CA, NZ, AU intelligence)/U.N./EU/NWO agents and assets. This new evidence shows an unquestionable link to the London-based Tavistock Institute and Russia (Gazprom).

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Also see the info below for other nuggets we pulled out of the mines that may be relevant for your own research:

Another Apple Director, Eduardo H. Cue, with Lisa P. Jackson. Clinton Foundation donor relationships and more.

  • Cue’s online biographies avoid normal disclosure of his relationships before joining Apple.
    2011 total compensation: $52,952,975

Check Company opened Pandora’s Box:

apple europeeduardo cue

eduardo cue and appletim cook financial

oracletibco software


Sony music

sony 2

getty images

getty 3

broadcom 3


juniper 2

abbvieholding by adam schiff


salesforce 2

Nike vaporkoch energyintelsat

intelsat 2polycom.JPGnewswireericssonharvard investmentharvard investment 2general motorsgeneral motors 2davitadavita 2L-3 communications.JPGintuit holdingsgazprom

symantec 1symantec 2abbott 1abbott 2Dow servicesDow Chemicalhuawei

convergysmarvelmarvel 2georgia-pacificagilent 2

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U.S. Busts Illegal Alien Sex Slave Ring |

After years of trafficking women as young as 14, five Mexican sex cartel members will soon be in prison. Read more at
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Much money is made by the cartels and other smugglers who give politicians their cut of profits. This is what the real debate should be about. JohnBarleycorn