Cicero’s Republic: Implanted in the Nature of Man ~ The Imaginative Conservative

The best society, Cicero argues, cultivates us as free individuals for the benefit of the community. Virtue exists in every being, but few realize it or cultivate it. Yet, it is what makes men, men, and allows them to be free… (essay by Bradley J. Birzer)
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The Importance of the Underworld ~ The Imaginative Conservative

The mythic theme of descent to the underworld is virtually universal. The hero journeys to the underworld to confront the monster, then returns with the prize. That the hero must go down into the depths to battle the dark forces seems written into the very fabric of human psychology… (essay by Dwight Longenecker)
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Way down deep inside of all of us…………………

Behold the Demon: Nietzsche as Destroyer ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Friedrich Nietzche’s “Ecce Homo” lays waste to centuries of an ethic of inhibition and restraint. Intellectually brutalized, bloodied, and tortured, the nineteenth-century philosopher presented himself in his final and last words to a world he wanted to overthrow. Behold the man. To be more accurate, behold the demon… (essay by Bradley J. Birzer)
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