Ruby Ridge – Wikipedia

Ruby Ridge – Wikipedia
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This is what happens when federal bureaucrats run amok with no accountability. An FBI sniper shot Weaver’s Wife through a kitchen window while she was holding a baby in her arms, and got away with it. The sniper was promoted rather than prosecuted.

There is a book out there written by Weaver with his side of the story. These alphabet agencies have been engaged in some bad deals since their inception. There are good, honest, and moral people working for them, but the bad ones need to be prosecuted when they break the law. Just like the rest of us.

Behold the Demon: Nietzsche as Destroyer ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Friedrich Nietzche’s “Ecce Homo” lays waste to centuries of an ethic of inhibition and restraint. Intellectually brutalized, bloodied, and tortured, the nineteenth-century philosopher presented himself in his final and last words to a world he wanted to overthrow. Behold the man. To be more accurate, behold the demon… (essay by Bradley J. Birzer)
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