The Cult of the Presidency – LewRockwell

The Cult of the Presidency – LewRockwell
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The real beneficiaries of Obamacare were the insurance companies, those who got it for free, and legions of federal employees including the politicians.

The day after Obamacare was passed, big insurance companies stocks became much more valuable, follow the money 💰. Those without insurance were happy to get free insurance, that somebody else paid for. As we all know, nothing that comes from the government is free. The politicians and federal employees were exempt from Obamacare. So they did not see their out of pocket expense go up and their coverage reduced, like the rest of us.

I do give Trump some credit here in trying to fix this mess. As for Obama, he and his family have health insurance for free. They do not have the very healthcare he sold to the rest of us that bears his surname. Talk about irony.


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