Shocking New Study Finds That 137 Million Americans Suffered “Medical Financial Hardship In The Past Year”

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Hey wait, wasn’t Obamacare supposed to fix problems like this?

Finland Government Collapses & Why the Media is Silent | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your movie the Forecaster was on TV here in Scandinavia. That introduced me to your research. When I discovered your film was on TV in Europe, Canada, and Asia, but not the United States, that merely confirmed the corruption in New York. Here in Finland healthcare is comprehensive and it is taking down the government. On Friday, the government in Finland collapsed after it was unable to reform healthcare. Every aspect you have written about is unfolding. Why will mainstream media not report your success? UVH ANSWER: Healthcare is destroying Western Civilization for the costs are far too high. Because they have been subsidized by the government, they have not been subjected to the normal business cycle. They just always have their hand out in uptrends and down. The government in Finland resigned on Friday after they failed to come up with reform to cut costs in healthcare. Between that trend and government pensions, these two forces are putting pressure to keep raising taxes and lowering the standard of living for everyone else. This is what I mean that we are in the stages of a collapse in socialism. There should be no government pensions where people have not contributed anything toward their future. Healthcare MUST be cut off and forced to be competitive. Obamacare was all about cheating the youth and forcing them to pay for healthcare they did not need to reduce costs for those who did need it. This is the hallmark of socialism – how to live off of other people’s money. As far as the press is concerned, the prevailing view is that they very much understand it is all about CONFIDENCE. A market crashes and the head of state comes out and tells the people everything is fundamentally sound. Can you imagine if he went on TV and announced the economy is going to completely collapse for 2 years? People would panic. The prevailing belief is that even in the face of collapse, you must always point in the other direction. Mainstream media will not report something that would warn of such a crash. The government would be on the phone and ask what are they doing? So it is not some conspiracy against me personally. They are not ready to publish such information. The Wall Street Journal published this chart of the business cycle ONLY when the low was coming into play to restore confidence. They will publish what I have had to say ONLY at the bottom and then tell the world this is the guy who predicted the collapse, and now he says it is over. In 1987, we forecast that the low would hold and new highs would unfold by 1989. Larry Edelson in the movie even talked about that. This was when brokerage houses were offering $100,000 for me just to speak for a few hours telling everyone I forecast the market crash and was now forecasting new highs. So it was to their advantage to bring me out. Here is a short video clip of an introduction by TIR securities back then in London for that very purpose. That is just the way it works. It is not a personal conspiracy outside the United States where, yes, the press defends the banks so they cannot report what I have to say. I have even written for the Wall Street Journal. While I have not submitted any Op-eds ever since I seriously doubt that would publish it. Perhaps I should try just to prove that point.
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One point that is missed here is the rising cost of health care premiums and co pays for working Americans. Our premiums have more than doubled under Obamacare and co pays have tripled in many cases. The working class is bearing the brunt of this bad idea. While the politicians themselves are exempted fro Obamacare, including Obama.

The Cult of the Presidency – LewRockwell

The Cult of the Presidency – LewRockwell
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The real beneficiaries of Obamacare were the insurance companies, those who got it for free, and legions of federal employees including the politicians.

The day after Obamacare was passed, big insurance companies stocks became much more valuable, follow the money 💰. Those without insurance were happy to get free insurance, that somebody else paid for. As we all know, nothing that comes from the government is free. The politicians and federal employees were exempt from Obamacare. So they did not see their out of pocket expense go up and their coverage reduced, like the rest of us.

I do give Trump some credit here in trying to fix this mess. As for Obama, he and his family have health insurance for free. They do not have the very healthcare he sold to the rest of us that bears his surname. Talk about irony.


The Legal Gymnastics Behind Obamacare | Mises Wire

On December 14, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor ruled Obamacare unconstitutional because its individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance “can no longer be sustained as an exercise of Congress’s tax power,” since the tax that enforced it is now gone.
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This was bad policy from the beginning as a way to transfer the costs of healthcare from employers to the taxpayers. The Chamber of Commerce, big business, and the Democrats were all in. The GOP ran on repealing it to get elected, and did nothing. Robert’s was the deciding vote and he was another sad legacy of the Bush administration.

I have learned over the years to follow the money 💰. Right after Obamacare was passed, big Pharma and the big insurance companies stocks skyrocketed. Taxpayers and the working class insured wound up paying more and getting less.

This Obamacare Program Was Meant to Save Money, Instead it Killed Thousands | Mises Institute

When crafting Obamacare, the top priority for policy writers was not identifying the best ways for patients to receive the medical care they needed, but instead to identify ways to reduce the costs of care.
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The verdict is in on Obamacare………Guilty of incompetence,at the bare minimum.