For Display of ‘Uninhibited Racism,’ Demand Grows for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Immediate Resignation

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Usually don’t like to cover silly gotcha stories such as this but……….. This one is important for a few reasons. He is a white man. He is a Democrat. He supports infanticide. He refuses to step down.

Even though white men are evil, if the are Democrats, support unfettered abortion/infanticide, and tow the leftist and SJW party line, all things are forgiven. Or are they?

He is refusing to resign. So this puts the leftists in a quandary as he is one of theirs. If they do not force him to resign, they will lose another tool in their belt to rid the world of evil white racists.

When you go on a never ending quest to find racism, you usually find the worst ones in the mirror.


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