Fake News, Fake Rednecks – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine

It’s because independent journalists are the mainstream media’s competition, which is why they remain silent on all this silencing.
— Read on www.takimag.com/article/fake-news-fake-rednecks/

This misrepresentation of people in the Midwest is not uncommon. I lived in California for three years back in the 80s. The college kids I worked with, thought we went to rodeos for entertainment. They did not know the difference between Iowa and Ohio. Once you talked past the California state line they were ignorant about Geography. They were still good kids and fun to work with. Most of the ribbing was good natured.

When I lived on the East Coast it wasn’t much better. I chose the Midwest after living on both coasts and have never regretted my decision. I still enjoy a vacation on either coast, but after that, it is time to come home.

Sometimes the coasties forget where the bulk of the food on their tables comes from. Except the great sea food, of course.

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