Gender and Race Politics

The Democrats are fielding women and people of color in the next election cycle. At the same time, they are attacking white men in particular. The politics of division are in play.

The Obama presidency was proof that corruption and ineptness knows no color. The Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s stint as Secretary of State proved that a woman can be corrupt and inept.

The masses may not be able to learn from even the most recent history. The most qualified person should get the job, regardless of gender, color, nationality, sexual identity, or religion. To do otherwise will give us an uneven  playing field., and unknown results in regard to success and competence.

In politics, this could mean a person getting their job by one of these above criteria having the power of life or death over members of our military and other members of society. Do we want to take this chance based on any of the above criteria, alone?

To anyone with a normal level of critical thinking skills, I would guess the answer would be no.

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