Left vs Right?

Strangely enough all of the violence and hatred seems to have origins on two of the costal regions in our country. The East and West coast are very crowded and over populated. In many areas, people literally live on top of each other. The federal government is on the East coast as are most of the media corporations,and financial centers. The big tech companies and Hollywood are on the left coast.

Life in the center of the country is less crowded and less complicated in many respects. I have lived on both coasts for a period of about three years on each. It was nice being close to the ocean, but after that consideration, not much else was good.

The cost of living is much higher, it is more crowded, traffic is bad, pollution is prevalent, and people just aren’t as friendly. Perhaps because there are too many squeezed together.

We just do not buy into the anger and divisiveness generated on the coasts by politicians and media moguls. There are no violent demonstrations with antifa and far right groups. Many people here are legally armed , on their person and in their vehicles. That makes those who would use violence think twice. This goes for criminals, and all other bullies in society.

There is a quiet confidence of people who live here that makes life very nice. You have the choice to defend yourself and your family if you choose. An armed society is a polite society. It is not that you have to use a weapon to protect yourself of your family that is important. It is the fact that you can, if needed.

There is no reason to fear a legal gun owner, unless you have bad intentions toward them. The gun control politicians have bad intentions toward us when they try to disarm us and take away our freedom of self defense.

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