Is the Ukraine War a Money Laundering Scheme? – LewRockwell

Many have suspected that the U.S. government’s “security assistance” to Ukraine — which as of November 15, 2022, had surpassed $98 billion1,2 — is a money laundering scheme to somehow ensure its own security, perhaps relating to questionable activities involving American biolabs in Ukraine. With the sudden implosion of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX,3,4 suspicions of money laundering in Ukraine are gaining new support. As scrutiny into FTX increases, people are finding more and more links between the ill-fated crypto exchange, the Democratic Party, Ukraine, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and even the suppression of COVID-19 treatments through the funding of fake science. FTX, … Continue reading →

Source: Is the Ukraine War a Money Laundering Scheme? – LewRockwell


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