What If

American politicians spent the money on helping refugees instead of sending weapons in this war we had a part in starting?

How many Ukrainian refugees should we take in and resettle in America? Kamala laughed at that suggestion because they were the wrong color or from the wrong goegraphic region? Perhaps they have the wrong religion.

Why is our government lying to us again about bio labs in another country? This is two times now they have lied about this in as many years. So many injured, broken, and dead people in the wake of the pandemic lie.

Why are people focusing on and taking sides in this war? Our Southern border is being invaded by thousands every week? We now have a 23 trillion dollar debt after the last (middle of the night) spending bill of 1.5 trillion more debt was added to our children. Billions of that went to weapons for war in Ukraine, and millions to cronies of the politicians who voted for it. The pork projects numbered in the hundreds.

Our government is badly broken, too many of our politicians are corrupt. It seems with this inflation, debt, money printing, pandemics, and restrictions of our freedoms, that our politicians have declared war on us.

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