Remember the Perpetrator’s of COVID

They lied to all of us, scared many of us, took away many of our basic human rights, injured thousands with their poison vaccines, and killed many others. In the process of doing this they made billions of dollars in one of the biggest transfers of wealth in world history. The government got bigger, the national debt swelled to record levels creating double digit inflation, big Pharma and hospitals made billions. We should not forget the corporate businesses who were allowed to stay open during the restrictions and lockdowns. The losers were the taxpayers, small businesses, working class people who were fired because of vaccine mandates, and every citizen who was tortured with mask wearing, and lockdowns. The real losers in the end will be those people who pushed and sold this false narrative to the people. We will not forget. Politicians who participated or we silent during all of this in both parties and every business or person who profited from this death and suffering will be held accountable when the day of reckoning comes.

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