Do Not Be Distracted

An invasion is happening right now at our southern border. Drugs, humans, and unvetted immigrants who are also unvaccinated when Americans are losing their jobs for refusing a vaccine, are pouring into America. Mexico is doing nothing to stop it Our politicians are doing nothing to stop it.

What is their goal? Is it cheap labor? Are they our replacements when they kill us off with the vaccines? Are they victims for pimps and human traffickers? Are they mules for the cartel drug traffickers. Are they just people seeking a better life?

The bottom line here is we have politicians who are ignoring our laws to the point of using taxpayer money to move these immigrants around the country. We have December 6th protesters rotting in a DC gulag for supposedly breaking our laws.

The Ukraine and Russia conflict is important because innocents are suffering. The same thing is happening right here in America and at our Southern border, and we obsess over something on the other side of the world?

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