Profit, Greed, and Control

After watching this series of events for the last couple of years, certain facts have become obvious.

Neither the vaccine not the mask stops COVID.

COVID came from China.

More people have died and been injured from these vaccines than all other vaccines combined.

The vaccine producers have made record amounts of money.

Our leadership is inept, corrupt, and self serving.

The only people the unmasked and unvaxxed people are a threat to are the politicians and drug companies.

No matter how much we comply, it will never be enough for them.

If this is not stopped, life as we have known it, is over.

If we collectively stand up to them an do not comply, this nightmare will be over.

It is time to choose which world you and your loved ones want to live in, free or not free?

The future is in your hands.

Choose wisely.


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