What are we?

Are We Statists Or Individualists?

The bottom line to labeling and politics

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I read discussions and many threads on the internet. One of the common discussions revolves around labeling and branding thought processes and opinions. Communists, Socialist, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Leftist, White Nationalist, Terrorist. I can’t help but think of much of this as mental mastrubation.

I notice that when these groups of people involved in group think want to impose their agenda on the rest of us, the turn to politicians/ government for solutions for redress. Legislation is put forth picking winners and losers, which imposes the solution on all of us regardless of our feelings and opinions.

If an idea or an agenda has merits and is logical, the masses will eventually adopt it and it will become the new norm. it takes time and effort. When politicians force solutions on us, it creates resentment and division, it does not correct it. We as individuals have to work these things out among us and not look to Politicians for solutions. Politicians are self serving by their nature, they are not logical, fair, or evenhanded. They are also corrupt, which is another reason that we should not trust them. All of this labeling is counterproductive. We should all be Americans first and respect the rights of the individual and not the collective good, because the collective good is very hard to define and open to manipulation.

The government solution to racism 50 years ago was forced integration, set asides, and welfare programs. Today we are told we are a systemic racist country. Why would we look to the same politicians/government who gave us this situation for a solution? They were wrong then and they are wrong now. They want us divided and distracted while they plunder the wealth of our country. The latest spending bill added over $6,000 of debt on each citizen of our country. I think the total amount now for all the debt is around $85,000 for each citizen.

The solution is to stay united as Americans and individuals and not fall for the lies and manipulations from government and politicians. Respect our freedoms and protect them from being taken away by a bloated, corrupt, and incompetent government.

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