Woke Leftist Hypocracy

Beyond Hypocrisy

Richard McCleery

Hypocrisy is now an overused word in the current discussion about liberal/leftist/wokeist antics. It neither dents their self righteous shells of puffed up worthiness nor conveys the putrid depths of their foul actions.

May I suggest we expand the discussion by bringing new terms into the debate.

May I start with craven greed driven puke. How else to describe the CEO’s of several major firms that recently denounced the new Georgia voter laws? Then there is the head of major league baseball. He is the poster child for morally deficient dolts who cannot see the malfeasance of his Communist Chinese business links for what they are. 

Did any of these self righteous cretins really study the new Georgia voter laws and compare them to existing voter laws in state they did not criticize? Most likely not. Those same states are where their businesses and enterprises prosper have as strict or more restrictive laws than Georgia. And talking about voter suppression, do they dare speak  up for the resident of Hong Kong or the Uighirs? 

Of course there are the long time well known race whores who eons ago paved the way for this latest iteration of the politics of guilt. Where would America be today had not Jesse Jackson and the Rev Al Sharpton honed their extortion skills on major US firms lo these many decades? They made a shakedown respectable, and a good living from that too. Now we have one of the  BLM  leaders purchasing a million dollar mansion in an exclusive neighborhood. To borrow a phrase from some inane T shirt, “ life is good” .Indeed it is if you are milking the guilt of whitey to the tune of millions of dollars of guilt tribute. 

This also applies to the enterprising souls who have created a new mini industry teaching corporations, congregations and God help us even our military about ‘white supremacy’. The litany of Caucasian sins includes  ‘ institutional racism’, and how the ‘privilege’ we did not know we had and did not know was privilege has kept others under our thumbs. All that is done for hefty fees that enable those supposedly oppressed souls to earn a good living and make erstwhile upright Caucasians squirm in the newfound realization of their centuries long guilt.

Yah baby- it all started in 1619 don’t you know. Even though America was still a British Colony until 1776 we already were a fully functional racist oppressive entity way back in 1619 when Britain made the rules. But oh no- never mind that inconvenient fact nor the fact that we had a Civil War to start the process to fully free slaves. Ignore too that within a short span of time, roughly 40 years, a vital black middle and upper class arose ALL of their own enterprise. No need for white largesse, this is a testimony to black intelligence, determination and courage that the purveyors of white guilt ignore.

No, that proud element of Black History is denied, denigrated and its underpinning values are impugned by the current crop of race baiters. It does make me wonder who these sad souls are who deny what should be proud testimony to how well Blacks liberated themselves economically and educationally in many a city and state across the land. Granted those were ‘separate but equal’ enclaves, and sadly also whites, mostly Democrats I may add, assaulted those bastions of black prosperity in Tulsa, Wilmington NC and more recently Durham NC ( 147 is more than a route#, it routed out a black neighborhood).

So all this is prelude to the need to stand eye to eye and toe to toe with those morally bereft guilt merchants who seek to destroy our self esteem, our economy, our nation, indeed all that is good and decent, but for what? That is where a fundamental challenge needs to be made. Ask them just what will be good and lasting and enobleing about the great new order they envision. Who will be really free? Who will be truly able to rise on the merits of their own toil and talents? More to the point, where do they stand to benefit from destroying the very foundation on which our nation is built/ 

I say it is time enough that these commissars of the woke legions be challenged at every outlandish claim they make. These craven corporate empty suits should have every one of their self serving statements laughed out of the court of public opinion. Demonstrate their base financial cowardice that puts cushy deals with Chicom oligarchs ahead of the well being of minority American small businesses. A color blind ( all he sees is green )baseball commissioner retains his membership in Augusta National but his actions bring disaster to the ‘little people’ whose livelihoods are crushed by removal of the All Star Game from Atlanta.

Yes, it is high time to let our literary imaginations off the leash and find that new mix of adjectives and metaphors to describe these base beings who gnaw away at the very fabric of our nation like so many rabid rats. Enough of these cultural boll weevils. Good riddance to the gypsy moths of corporate correctness. Let’s put an end to these fire ants assaulting national accord once and for all. Let’s stomp on all of the corporate cockroaches whose greedy self interest befouls open honest politics

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