A Friends Rant After $4000 in Damage to His Truck by BLM Roiters

do you ever stop and actually wonder how we went from fun loving kids to  hate mongering adults?   today we embrace not a counter culture as the govt and media hypes about…. not at all…..   we embrace a culture of jealousy hate greed power and hiding behind others to tip the scales ……  friends turning on friends for the sake of a political party?   cause someone says ones life is more important than another based upon color?   because bill gates thinks there are too many people with too much money?     whatever happened to the innocence of childhood where someone to talk with play with just have social interactions with  and now into adulthood such hatreds exist  …..    no the problem today is that most of the world is not using critical thinking skills….     teachers dont educate   parents are not parenting….    and in general we are allowing  politicians the media and corporate america dictate what is right and wrong  in the name sake of political correctness…..     we turn our backs on each other for real justice because  hating and not standing up for truth for human rights….     in america we have a constitution  like no other country has….    a constitution that  we the people are allowing to be destroyed because  no one wants to take a stand ……   just recently  i personally became the victim of vandalism by a group of imbeciles that pretended to stand for a cause but how was their message delivered?   it was delivered in the sense of violence…..    everyone is scared to stand up to black lives matter…..    here is the real problem with black lives matter……    every protest of these idiots and that is all they are idiots….    if they really stood for an altruistic service to the black community….  then why arent they protesting  for when an innocent black child is murdered by  cross fire of a drug shoot out….  how come innocent black women raped and killed are not being protested???  how come hard working black men that are killed for protecting their families being protested?????    in fact  every single protest of black lives matter…. every single one has been the result of a black man that has had a criminal history  that was caught breaking yet another law or laws….    dies somehow regarding an action or inaction of a police officer…..     well if this is really about police brutality  how come we arent protesting for the black women and children?????    how come we arent protesting for the other black criminal offenders????   how come we arent protesting when blacks kill blacks????  how come we arent protesting when black cops kill someone?????    the real agenda behind this is multifaceted and its rather disgusting that  soo many are taking the bait  and not stopping to think things out
if this was about police training and the rambo effect  why arent the black leaders  and they know who they are  saying hey  this is not how to do this…..  how come we dont see biden saying hey  enough is enough????
why they want the chaos and turmoil and  honestly the rationale is far more sinister than what happened in nazi germany…….   
the sad reality of the situation is this…..    if this was about racism which it isnt….  we would be protesting all innocent loss of life  but we are not……  
  sadly this isnt about black lives mattering at all…..   its simply an open invitation for people that dont stop and think  because they have been dumbed down soo much and they are just pissed off at the world with no reasoning at all…..  to act on that violence without any penalties…. and then the rest of us are justifying it….
we have seen looting riotng vandalism  and i have spoken against this from day one  and now that i have personally become the victim of it…. i have friends and such trying to tell me how to handle it……    I am not one that attributes to violence however  from my own personal experience…..   and seeing the hatred in these peoples eyes first hand and how they are teaching their children   i am repulsed to say the least……      
i have to say being a former cop when some asshat of any color breaks the law and they do not obey directives cops give them…. well if they get killed its because they should have followed directions if they cared enough about life  and the rights of others…. remember  we the people in order to form a more perfect union ……    funny i dont recall seeing anything that says in there about a criminal having more rights than their victims?????   since when did we become a society that the lawless have more rights than the law abiding  sooo here is what is gonna be the long term result of the in action by those who want law and order….
by turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the violence any of these  hate groups  present  the result down the road is gonna be lawlessness   and its gonna get to a point that killing each other  is gonna be the norm… there wont be talking out a dispute….  there wont be going to a court
no  its gonna be full on anarchy  and for what so that pelosi biden obama  etc can get wealthier????   is what we are teaching our children in this really worth the outcome??????/
what are we really teaching kids about the future….    well so far here is what i see
laws dont matterkilling is okmoney is godanarchy is the law of the landits ok to destroy innocent peoples lives cause ur pissed off
now is the time for all of us to stand up not only to the criminal element  the politicians  corporate america  the media etc
we need to restore what it means to be a friend  caring about our neighbor 
who cares what color ur friends are what vehicles they have……    cause when we die…….. u dont take a fucking thing with you but ur reputation…….   ur clothes cars houses money stay here……
maybe there isnt a heaven or hell….   its time to open the conversation….  

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