Impeachment Drama

Democrats are lying and blowing the capitol protests out of proportion. The protesters were not armed. The politicians were protected by armed police and not one of them was harmed.

One unarmed protester was killed and no details are being made public on that investigation. Obama complained about police brutality and dozens of police officers were murdered in cold blood. Antifa and BLM rioters burned businesses to the ground, looted, murdered, and assaulted hundreds of people all Summer long before the election. Total silence from Democrats and most Republicans. Some people lost their businesses they had spent a lifetime building.

They want to use violence as a tool against people who do not think like them, but don’t realize that you can’t get that genie back in the bottle. Violence and threats of violence against others will create more of the same. These politicians think they are better and smarter than us. Yet we pay their wages, they work for us. They are not leaders, they are elected representatives of the people. Lets not forget that when listening to them postulate.

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