Here are Some Solutions

  1. Do not buy goods Made in China.
  2. Get off of all Social Media platforms who censor.
  3. Do not buy goods from woke corporations and companies.
  4. Do not buy into fear mongering about the virus and leftist boogeymen.
  5. Get your news and research from unbiased sources.
  6. Do not hate people who disagree with you.
  7. Do not resort to violence except in defense of your home or family.
  8. Educate yourself on politics, economics, and history.
  9. Use search engine that promotes privacy.
  10. Get a secure browser, text, and email service.
  11. Advocate and support politicians who represent your ideals and values.
  12. We need term limits and ending the revolving door between public office and big corporations.
  13. Support a balanced budget, no more deficit spending. This way you defund the swamp and it shrinks.
  14. These are just a few suggestions, please consider these and share them.

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