Wake Up America

Charlotte’s Webb1 year agoDear citizen of the USA this is what you should stand for. Here goes my view as 3rd world citizen: As a South African I can say they 1st take the guns cause you’re a Nazi then your history cause you were rasist, schools cause you were to privileged, your flag cause it is to offensive, your language of mother tongue to silence you. BEE Laws to erase your quality of life by limiting you to find a job according to your ID document. Even that we were a Christian nation of 1st world class once the world will silence you under UN laws making you a 3rd world communist open border country. With sadness we fought in wars next to them from consentration camps we rise and fought for survival. Once we were a rich country from the 1st heart transplant to where our farmers now the most dangerous job in the world getting killed daily and tortured for hours and the world is silent. Be awake to these signs and actions. Because by 1 stroke of the pen our constitution was changed and we are Afrikaner boers no more. Our farms and homes that we are still paying on are now taken under ” land expropriation without compensation”. While you are the minority stand together for God your family and country for the day will come when you are the minority in your own country and your voices will have no power. I Recognize Pres. Trump in trying to preserve your way of life against the NWO No Moral and border opponents. For we know the fight you are facing. Our only hope is the next coming of Jesus for we can’t put your trust in no man or country on this earth. God bless you and the USA.

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