My Take On Our Reality

I guess it all falls down to which narrative you want to believe,  I think Trump underestimated the swamp’s size, depth, and influence. He somehow thought the GOP would not be a part of the swamp. He took bad advice on policy, and appointments from insiders….and he ran up the debt. He did work magic with the economy and creating jobs, that helps everyone, they ruined it with the COVID, Antifa, BLM, endless prosecutions, the deep state and took away his best weapon. if they think his supporters are going to be cowed into submission, they are making a grave mistake. They should just get busy with their leftist agenda and leave his supporters alone, or they will create something way worse than Trump. History has shown us the ugly side of political revenge. If they fuck with these people too much it will make the Antifa and BLM riots look like a walk in the park. Just saying. I wont hurt anyone for Trump, but I will for my family or freedom.

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