How the Election Could Play Out

Trump could concede and Biden would be President. Pence could count the ballots of the college, disregard the states who illegally changed voting laws before the election, and call the Presidency for Trump.

Trump could declare martial law based on the illegal voting and manipulation of voting machines. A new election could be ordered with strict adherence to the voting laws, during martial law. This way the process could be closely monitored and lawbreakers punished.

If Trump gives up and turns it over to Biden, Trump voters will be furious in some cases and badly disappointed in others. Perhaps some violence, but it would be random at best.

If Biden loses, the left will go wild and call up their attack dogs in the deep state, Antifa, BLM, and the media. Notice when it looked like Biden was the victor, BLM and Antifa were mostly quiet.

Either way it goes, it wont be good for the average American. Prepare yourself fir the worst, and pray for the best. We have to preserve our freedoms or we will just become another failed nation state. Do not succumb to fear and those who would use it to control you.

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