Blackmail For Bailouts

Blue states and cities chose to close down their economies and lock down residents. No tax revenue comes in when that happened. They lobbied DC for bailouts from a federal government that is already 26 TRILLION dollars in debt. They were told a second round of bailouts would not happen.
The George Floyd situation happens and all of the sudden there are full scale riots and looting, mainly in blue cities where the police are told to stand down.
Enter economic reality of the blue cities and states when they have no money to run their government. The police are turned into the villains instead of the politicians who ordered the lockdowns. Now the police budgets must be cut. The crimes of looters and rioters get blamed on the police instead of the politicians who control the police.
If the blue cities and state would have gotten their second bailout poor George might be another sad statistic like the victims of the riots and looting. The Police would be fully funded.
These politicians will throw anyone under the bus to cover up their own failures. The police now know that so they are the enemy and must be punished. They did not cut funding for illegal aliens, they cut funding for the police.
Life is full of choices, the choices we make define us.
Don’t be fooled and stay informed. Do not trust these people.

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