The Unfortunate Death in Minneapolis

We have all seen the video of what happened there, and it does seem obvious. What was going on during this incident and now after it were riots, and now looting has predictably entered into the equation.
The officers involved have been fired and are under criminal investigation even at the federal level. The wheels of justice are turning and the feds being involved will make it less likely to be a cover up.
What does more rioting, looting, violence, and yet another death have to do with this case being solved fairly? The answer is nothing. These behaviors are taking away from the tragedy of this poor mans death.
Sad that the same violence the protesters/rioters are demonstrating against, is what helped cause this situation in the first place. If the riot and violence had not been happening, this victim would probably still be alive.
Who is to blame? The policemen who were involved and the rioters themselves. Let’s not forget the MSM who depicted the riot as a peaceful protest. Just remember the lessons of history violence begets violence. Stop fulfilling negative stereotypes and let the wheels of justice turn.

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