The Lockdown States

Commerce is getting back to some sense of normal here. Still a little inconvenient but moving in the right direction again. Our Governor left it to the Counties and cities to reopen safely based on their own situation regarding the Virus.
The state wide lockdowns are not rational or logical as some areas have very few or no cases of the virus. A one size fits all is nothing more than collective punishment.
As we speak the lockdown states are getting federal assistance from the rest of us, along with the government employees who are getting paid for staying at home. Once again the working non government employed taxpayer gets the flaming bag of crap on their front porch.
No more stimulus from the federal government. It is peanuts for the people who were laid off without pay for no fault of their own, and millions for corporations and connected crony capitalists causes.
Let each state survive or fail on their own, the residents and businesses can vote with their feet. Many of the states allowed unfettered immigration and benefits to immigrants just like in the European Union. Now the states who did not make that mistake are being asked to bail the other ones out. Sound familiar?
Look no further than the EU to se what is being pushed here.

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