Is It Time To Choose Sides?

The globalist cabal is in full swing bankrupting small businesses, eliminating Jobs, eliminating freedoms we have all taken for granted, and imprisioning us in our own homes.
In Canada they are eliminating gun rights. In China they boarded sick people up in their own homes. Journalism that is not owned by some corporation does not exist. People are waiting in long lines for food. Something is very wrong here, this should never happen in America.
Amazon and Walmart are still open for business and making huge profits. While small businesses are shut down. I would say that is a pretty clear picture when you connect the dots.
Many politicians have chosen sides while some are doing the right thing by standing up to this tyranny by saying no, I will not comply.
In the American Revolution only 5% of the population stood against tyranny and prevailed. Can we find 5% of the population who will not comply?
Violence is always a last resort, this needs to be done with civil disobedience and the courage to say ‘I will not comply’ Just like Rosa Parks did.

We are a free country, let’s keep it that way.

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