Personal Commentary

Each day when we go into town for groceries, supplies, or coffee ☕️, it is busier everyday. I see this as good news. The politicians here are pretty laid back and so are the police. Not everything that happens or does not happen here is political. People go about their business with minimal interference from local, county, and state governments.
Once you get out of the two major cities in this state, life is good. Mainly because the people are different. Not in a hurry, not rude, not in your business.
I work in the city but reside in a rural area, and life is good. Our closest neighbor is a quarter of a mile away. We will learn a lesson from all of this that may make big city people reconsider their chosen way of life.
No offense meant toward city people, as I was one until about 22 years ago. For younger folks the city life is more fun in most cases. When you start a family your priorities change, or at least they should. This is only food for thought.

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