Too Close and Too Many

When we take an objective look at this crisis, the obvious is often overlooked.These big crowded cities are bad for your health, mental and otherwise. Too close together, no personal space, and too busy.
In New Orleans they had the St Patrick’s Day drunk fest on the cusp of the epidemic. Now they have a high infection rate and wonder why.
In New York, politicians were encouraging people to go out and be social at the beginning of this and now they have a high rate of virus cases.
When you couple crowded and over populated cities with a contagion and poor governance, it is a recipe for disaster.
Chasing cheap labor all over the globe is another cause of this mess. Third world cheap labor, immigration, open borders, all bring third world diseases.
What is the answer? Buy local, don’t live in over crowded cities, don’t trust politicians to save you, it won’t happen.
Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Look out for your friends and family, share what you can.

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