Idol Hands are the Devil’s Tools

This is something that my Grand Mother used to say. I think this explains the condition of the younger generation.
During the Obama and the later Bush years decent paying jobs were a rarity. We had very high levels of unemployment for well over eight years. These kids graduate from college with a mountain of debt and no jobs. While manufacturing jobs moved to low wage countries.
These younger people were jobless and living with friends or relatives without hope of being independent and on their own. They became unhappy and looked for a reason or something to blame. This was their reality.
For the last couple of years, jobs are plentiful and the economy is moving along quite well. The dye was already set with these young people and habits were in place. Working was not a normal thing for many of them. Being disgruntled was the norm, and in some cases rightfully so.
Now there is some hope and jobs, they just can’t or won’t change. They are bitter and have the notion that life is not fair. Social media and mainstream media have convinced them that Socialism is the key. These kids are ignorant of the history of Socialism. It was not taught to them in school. Right now in Venezuela the socialist government has failed and people are starving, in a country that has massive oil reserves the government controls. They don’t see the irony in that.
I hope these kids wake up before it us too late, if they don’t, they will get the government they deserve.

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