Democrats, Republicans, and the Deep State

Is there really a difference when it comes to spending and foreign policy? They all come together during the middle of a furious political debate to pass continuing resolutions that fund the government and keep it going. Nobody votes on a budget that is open to public scrutiny and debate. The record government spending and the national debt keeps climbing to unprecedented levels.
A fiscal conservative in DC is as rare as an ethical lawyer. Nobody talks about a balanced budget or paying down the debt.
All the while, on the surface the economy purrs along bringing in record tax revenues, yet they still spend more than what comes in.
Same thing applies to defense spending and endless wars. We are still in wars in which our enemies pose no clear and present danger to America or our national interests. The thinking here is that China, or Russia will fill a power vacuum if we leave. This may be true and a good reason for not getting involved in the first place. Both political parties support these wars too, otherwise they would not continue.
My bottom line here is that you can’t drain the swamp without defunding it, which makes those who talk bad about the swamp and continue to fund it at record levels, look disingenuous.

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