Even Recent History Repeats Itself

After the leftists in the UK lost the election, the attacks on people who voted the other way started. They were called everything under the sun that is bad. The leftists in America did the same thing before and after the election.
You would think that some people could learn a bit from even recent history, but I digress. Trump started a trend against the leftists/globalists and their agenda and it has caught on. The working class has risen up and said, “enough of this woke nonsense”
The average citizen of the world wants a better place for themselves, their families, their friends, and their country. They don’t want to have their freedoms restricted or taken away, they do not want to be preached to about being more tolerant, they do not want open borders…….
The leftist agenda has failed so far. We need to stay informed and insure it continues to fail.

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