Who Was Impeached?

With the pols going in the wrong directions regarding impeachment of Trump, the Democrats have impeached themselves, the Obama administration, the deep state, and the media. Prior to this process beginning, the public knew very little about the dirty deeds of the previous administration, as the surface of it all had been barely scratched. Funny how things change with a little sunshine on the facts.
The truth always leaks out. When you try to cover up your dirty deeds by pointing the finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you. This strategy by the Democrats has backfired and now the collateral damage caused will cost them the House and Presidency in the next election.
The Democratic base wanted this impeachment to go forward which will gin up their base and help the candidates in the primaries. Unfortunately for them the opposite is becoming true for the general election. They have not brought independent voters on board with their tactics.
The independent voters are the only ones up for grabs in any election anymore. Trump is bringing in record contributions to his campaign and the Democrats are hurting in that regard. Soros cannot singlehandedly fund them.
I quote the famous movie line from Red October,”we have just killed ourselves”.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

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