One Point Missed

One point missed by the media in all of this political mess we have,is the massive intelligence apparatus we have at the federal level is not doing the job they are tasked with. Keeping Americans safe.
We have drugs pouring over the border, that are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. We have illegal aliens committing crimes on Americans. We have foreigners shooting up our military personnel on our own bases.The list goes on and on.
They tell us that the deep state security apparatus is here to keep us safe and we don’t need to worry about protecting ourselves and families. The federal,deep state, agencies have all been politicized into spying on and prosecuting political enemies. This we know from the facts that are leaking out ever so slowly.
We need to reassess the need for all of these alphabet agencies since they seem to run amok and appear to be unmanageable. The average taxpayer dies not want their money wasted on such endeavors.

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