Nasty Politics

You may have seen a cute illustration on social media.

It depicts a happy man named Bob and a happy woman named Sally.

And the idea is: even though Bob voted Republican and Sally voted Democrat, they can still be friends. They do not need to destroy each other.

Here’s what some, let’s say, left-leaning folks are spreading instead:

Imagine living in a world where you think the average Republican voter, for all his faults, wants to put “many” of your friends into concentration camps.

If that’s their intention they’re doing a fairly poor job of it.

I remember reading apparently serious people warning that if Hillary lost, LBGT people would wind up in concentration camps. Imagine being that tone deaf.

Likewise, imagine thinking that the Republican Party, again for all its faults, is an instrument of “white supremacy.”

Is the Republican Party trying to repeal affirmative action? No. That wouldn’t be white supremacy even if they were, and most Republicans would die a thousand deaths rather than try.

Is the Republican Party trying to repeal antidiscrimination laws? No. And that, too, wouldn’t be white supremacy.

Is the Republican Party advocating laws on a racial basis that would give artificial advantages to the majority group over minorities, as in employment and education — of the kind we absolutely do see happening in other countries, as I’ve noted in this newsletter before? No.

Yet this is how a substantial chunk of America thinks.

Which is why we should be talking radical solutions, of which decentralization and secession are the tamer ones (full-blown anarcho-capitalism being my preference).

In the meantime:

Secede from crazy people by joining my normal people (and me) inside the Tom Woods Show Elite.

We have fun.

We smash bad guys.

We learn a lot.

You’ll make instant friends.


Tom Woods

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