To All My Cyber Friends and Followers

As promised, I am leaving Word Press because they have censored some of my long time cyber friends.

Dictatorships and tyrants have silenced free speech since the beginning of time to control the masses.

Free Speech means exactly that.

Good bye and thank you all.

Bert Powers aka John Barleycorn


  1. If you leave, they win.

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    • johnbarleycorn12 · December 24

      You may have something there. They brought Jon back, so I am back. Recently the FDA admitted that vaccines were tainted with cancer cells which vindicated Jons criticism of vaccines. Poetic justice in a small way. Thank you for the kind words.


  2. The Watchman · June 3

    Hate to see you go! Let me know if you have a new site. I use WordPress as well. Plan on staying as long as I can, unless they censor me as well. One of my favorites – Jon Rappaport has been censored. I don’t know who else as of now. I plan on getting the truth out as long as I can!!!

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  3. The Watchman · December 24

    Yes, Jon is back and I still link most of his articles. Glad to see you back!!

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    • johnbarleycorn12 · December 24

      Thank you very much. We must turn our voices against those censor and those who enable it. Silence is tacit approval.

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