Another Perspective- John Barleycorn

Thinking about the purge of Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians, and people who have critical thinking skills from the major internet platforms, as one part of the Globalists’ control plan.

First our politicians craft a bill exempting all the major social media platforms from liability for their actions regarding what and who can use their platforms.

Then the same social media giants get in bed with the Chinese Dictatorship to spy on its citizens and censor them.

Think about the Dictatorships in a historical perspective. They start out by restricting free speech. The intellectuals and critics become the enemy. They are silenced in subtle ways at first and later rounded up and disappeared.

Then they disarm the public, making private ownership of guns a crime.

Then come the goon squads (Antifa) to use violence on those who dissent from the controlled narrative.

The media becomes another branch of the government, sticking to the controlled narrative.

The government allows chaos (mass immigration and terror attacks) to trick us into giving up our freedoms for security provided by bigger government.

Last but not least, they pit us against one another with hatred surrounding race, gender, religion, ethnicity, class envy, etc.

Look at Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, ……the list goes on in history. History does indeed repeat itself.

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