State Passes Bill To Seize Guns Based on Entirely “Unchallenged” Accusations, With NO Due Process


First off, like  asset forfeiture laws, I do not think this is constitutional and the courts will strike these laws down. They get away with it regarding asset forfeiture laws because dealing drugs is a criminal activity. Legally owning a firearm is not. What will happen here is similar to having someone SWATed. Someone calls in an anonymous complaint and the SWAT team shows up at your door.

The same thing can happen here regarding a constitutional right of gun ownership. An anonymous call comes into the police and without due process they come and take your guns? You have to prove your innocence to get them back?

This will be abused by people with personal grudges, or varying political views to hurt others who may be totally innocent. This will go bad in so many ways, that it makes me fearful of America turning into a police state. They are already going after free speech and now the right to protect ourselves and our families . What’s next?

We know those who seek to take away our freedoms will never stop at taking only a few.  Millions of unvetted illegal immigrants crossing our borders, a government 22 Trillion dollars in debt, endless wars, and control freak politicians, what could possibly go wrong?

I can only suggest that you move to a state that protects your gun rights and stay out of the ones that don’t. Vote with your pocketbook.


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Source: State Passes Bill To Seize Guns Based on Entirely “Unchallenged” Accusations, With NO Due Process

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