WindsorGate is Espionage

They still treat us like a colony even after we saved them from Hitler. Ingratitude.😠

American Intelligence Media

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Next Red Pill: WindsorGate

Trump Vows to Declassify Documents on Surveillance of His Campaign

Once Trump and Congress declassify more documents, the world will see how the British Privy Council and Queen Elizabeth were involved in the overthrow of Donald Trump.

The coup d’etat was a combination of treason and espionage on the highest order, the likes of which we have never experienced before on the planet. The nefarious activities of the Queen’s inner circle has wreaked havoc on the world for long enough. We urge patriots around the world to do what you can to expose their corruption and crimes on humanity.

Below you will read information that we have recently pulled out of the research mines. This is material for you to use in your network the best way you think the material resonates with your audience.

If you polish up these information nuggets into finished articles…

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