Shotgun Marriage: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank Discuss Merger

Partners in crime.

Rigged Game

Germany, a country where the needs of industry trump the needs of banks, is a notoriously difficult banking market.

By Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism

Normally, when banks look into merging, the impetus is either opportunism, whether well informed or not, or desperation. The only thing that differentiates the possible combination of Deutsche Bank, long the sickest man of Europe, and not all that healthy Commerzbank is that the desperation isn’t driven by the usual urgency, that a bank is about to keel over, unless, as some wags speculate, Deutsche’s first quarter numbers are coming in so bad that the bank needs to have some of credible plan to Do Something before it announces the results. One commentor at the Financial Times reported that “DBK was and is having trouble with wholesale funding spreads widening very strongly.” That suggests that the German giant, after so many years of limping…

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