It Is All About Control

Do you like to be controlled? As a child it is the parents, and eventually the teachers. The government is controlling the teachers who are controlling you. The government control starts early in our development. The earlier,the better, for the controllers. Young fresh minds are very subject to subliminal control.

Then you graduate from high school and go to work,the military, or college. At work,your boss controls you to some degree, but at least he pays you. You can leave and get another job. Same with college but you pay the college and usually with borrowed money. You are controlled by the professors and administrators as they choose what and how to teach. In the military you are controlled, but at least they pay you and you can go to college or trade school without incurring a mountain of school debt.

When you get out in the real world and start paying taxes, you are controlled by different levels of government at the state, federal, and local. The money they take from your wages is another means of control. It determines how much income you have after taxes, licenses, and fees. That determines where you can afford to live, what you eat, the car you can afford etc.

You are pretty much controlled from cradle to grave.

Nobody I know wants to be in an overly controlled relationship,marriage, or friendship. So why would we want to be overly controlled by government ran by self serving politicians? The more money we give to them, the less power and freedom we have. The federal government is fiscally broke to the tune of 22 trillion dollars and counting. Most state governments are in debt.

The answer to all of this control is smaller and less expensive government. They are looking for new taxes everyday to feed their lust for power and control. The New Green Deal will no doubt include a carbon tax. If you are one of the few Americans who still pay into the system after tax day, grab your wallet when politicians start talking about more government programs or benefits.

“The government is like a dragon 🐉,the more you feed it, the bigger it gets. It will never get smaller” Lao Tsu

Have you ever seen a tax go away?

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