Nellie Ohr Worked for the Russians Via Verisign

As Tucker Carlson and others have correctly said, “whatever the Democrats are accusing Trump or his associates of doing, they are doing themselves”. Guilt projection.
So many simple minded demagogues fall for it.

American Intelligence Media

bruce and nellie ohrBruce Ohr testified that wife Nellie went to work as a Russian analyst for Verisign after leaving Fusion GPS (Sep. 2016) (see evidence below)

Hillary’s $1 billion Skolkovo, Russia project with Vladimir Putin entered a partnership with Bessemer Ventures (Apr. 16, 2012), announced by Bessemer’s David J. Cowan (see YouTube and press release evidence below)

Bessemer and Cowan co-founded Verisign (Apr. 1995), just months after the Podesta/Chandler/Carnegie FBI encryption conference (Jul. 07, 1993)  (see SEC S-1 filing below)

Nellie Ohr’s relationship to Verisign proves conspiracy among Slokovo, Hillary, Bessemer, Cowan, Mueller witch hunt, and the theft of the world’s PKI digital encryption key infrastructure

Nellie Ohr Has Ties to the Clinton Foundation

the ohrs

ohr testimony 1  Bruce Ohr. (Aug. 28, 2018). TRANSCRIPT of Interview before an Executive Session jointly between the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, p. 184. U.S. Congress.


On Apr. 20, 2009

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