Free Speech

In regard this Freshman, Muslim, hijab wearing, woman,House member speaking out against Jews and or Israel. This is the very free speech that so many on the left and in the Democratic Party wish to suppress in the rest of us. Is it in bad taste since she is an elected representative of all people in her district, including Jews? The answer is yes.

Is it in bad taste because she is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee? Yes, because Israel is a strong ally of America. She should temper her personal opinions in public because of the position she holds.

Free speech means exactly that, freedom of expression means exactly that. Her ability to wear her hijab while at work might be deemed inappropriate because it is a religious expression, but It isn’t. Right now women in Iran are being jailed for having the courage to not wear a hijab in public. Here it is a personal choice.

Those freedoms are for everyone in America, even Jews and Trump supporters. Let’s see if she respects their freedom of speech and expression with as much passion.

I am against this legislation to stop so called anti Semitic speech. I served this country as did millions of others so she could speak freely and pray to her God of choice or none at all.

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