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The article below is a good summary of the HIGH TREASON that has been committed in the United States. If you have been an AIM reader for awhile, this article is a nice review and summary. It’s time to stop calling it a ‘coup’, ‘a soft-coup’, or a’ warm fuzzy whatever’. This is High Treason.Please be brave enough to start using these words in your networks and your vernacular. Let’s get folks comfortable in calling it is what it is.

From Spygate to HIGH TREASON


Venezuela’s Guaido Calls for International Help After Maduro Blocks Aid


All four trucks carrying humanitarian aid from Colombia to Venezuela have been set on fire by pro-Maduro military forces. Civilians are desperately trying to save any remaining aid. SEE VIDEO


only in socialism.

Senate Testimony: Fusion GPS Helped Maduro


Geez…will you look at how far behind the narrative the DAILY MAIL…

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