Most MPs Say They Believe a No-deal Brexit Is a Remote Prospect. They Are Wrong.

They want to revote until the desired result is achieved.

Rigged Game

 Brexit feels eerily like Lehman 2.0.

By BBC journalist Robert Peston and cross-posted from his facebook account.

Most MPs tell me they believe a no-deal Brexit is a remote prospect.

They are wrong.

I would argue it is the most likely outcome – unless evasive action is taken much sooner than anyone expects.

Here is why.

1) The probability is low of the PM securing substantial enough changes to the widely loathed backstop to win a vote for her deal exclusvely from Tory MPs, the DUP and a modest number of leave-supporting Labour MPs;

2) The probability is also low of the PM risking the break up of her party by pursuing all the way to a formal agreement the negotiations just started with Corbyn and Labour on a Brexit deal built on Labour’s core condition that the UK must remain in the Customs Union.

3) The probability is better…

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