InfoBomb for Adam Schiff

The truth

American Intelligence Media

We are back in the mines and up to our ears in muck and mud, pulling up more dirt on Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff. We didn’t have time to get out a Truth News Headlines for February 13, 2019 so enjoy a few pieces below that begin to tell the story of dirty, shi**y, schifty Schiff.

This is NOT THE MOTHERLODE. That’s coming later this week.

Shock and awe time for Hillary and Adam Schifty

.schiff letter

[Your Letterhead]


To: Rep. Adam Schiff

Re: Your Hearing/Subpoena Request, House Oversight/Intelligence Committee

I received your [Hearing/Subpoena Request] on [DATE RECEIVED].[1]

I respectfully decline to attend or respond to the Subpoena until such time as you can assure me that I will be treated fairly.

On February 4, 2019,[2] Congressmen Matt Gaetz (FL-01)[3] and Andy Biggs (AZ-5] proposed H.Res.97 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) — Justice For All Resolution. The resolution would…

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