Regime Change. Part One – How It’s Done.

Sometimes if you spread a contagion, you can get the disease.

Rigged Game

We are all so used to regime change happening far away, in the Middle East, in Africa or South America, that we have been tempted to imagine it couldn’t happen here. But it could.

By David Malone and cross-posted from his blog, Golem XIV

There’s been a lot of Regime Change around in the last few years. One might even think it had become a nasty habit: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela. These are just the most recent. It was pointed out recently that if you count just those in South and Central America since the 50’s, it’s twelve. Add in the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 and it seems like we can’t get enough of it. We certainly seem to think we have a right to engineer it wherever we like. But of course those who support it always insist we only do it because it…

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