It’s time to tax the super rich – Here is Why I Disagree

It’s time to tax the super rich – UnHerd
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Taxing the rich sounds great to many people who buy into big government fixes for free market problems. Taxes will benefit politicians with more income to redistribute. Taxes take money and opportunities out of the private sector. The rich can afford to move and take their money with them.

I would eliminate tax loopholes that disproportionately help the Uber wealthy. Government contractors and contracts are not held accountable for cost over runs. An roi needs to be done on all government run or funded programs. Campaign contributions from rich donors and corporations should be banned or capped at a very low level, with no loopholes. The revolving door between holding government office and the corporate, media, defense, tech, any lobbying groups should be stopped.

AOC is probably well intended but she is very new to the game and not aware of the root problems that are systemic.

Stop bringing in thousands of migrants who keep downward pressure and wages. There is a causes and effect correlation here.

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