Identity Politics at its Worst

While watching a news commentator on a major network, broadcasting from New York, I was aghast after a commentary by one of the panelists. This comment was in reference to Kamila Harris, a potential candidate for the presidency. The panelists stated Kamilia’s qualifications as being half, black, a woman, and a minority. Nothing was mentioned about her legislative accomplishments or her potential presidential agenda.

We tried this before with Obama and we got more of the same with a divisive twist that he added towards those who did not vote for him. He played the race card after every failure and scandal of his corrupt administration. He had Al Sharpton visit the White House over 200 times. What do you suppose the agenda was in those meetings?

We need a uniter that can be the president of all Americans, not someone who will deliver more of the same.

Support a candidate on their merits, and not by what they look like or their claimed identity, or we will get more of the same.

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